Long Range Transportation Plan Survey #2

This is the second survey being conducted by the Kankakee Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization (KATS). KATS staff are updating the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan and is requesting public opinion on how federal funds should be used for transportation in the Kankakee region.  The survey consists of about 25 questions and is expected to take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Thank you for participating and letting us know what is important to you.

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Kankakee Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization, is the metropolitan planning organization for the Kankakee urbanized area. Federal legislation requires an MPO for all urbanized areas with a population over 50,000. This ensures decisions about the programming of federal highway funds are made at the local level.

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  • An amendment to the FY 2020 Transportation Improvement Program is being presented at the KATS MPO Technical Advisory Committee and KATS MPO Policy Committee meetings on October 30, 2019. You can review the proposed amendment in our public comment section.

  • Here are the results from the first survey that was conducted as part of the KATS 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan update.

    Thank you to all those who participated in the first survey as part of the KATS 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Update.  We hope the survey was short and simple only asking question, which asked respondents to rank the seven national goals of the FAST Act from most important to least important.  

    We received 152 completed responses.  The national goal that was ranked as the most important was infrastructure condition, followed by safety in second and congestion reduction in third.  The other national goals ranked in order of importance from fourth to seventh place were system reliability, reduced project delivery delays, freight movement and economic vitality, and environmental sustainability.

    KATS Survey #1 Results Chart

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