Greenways & Trails Plan 2020

The Kankakee Area Transportation Study (KATS) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is currently developing a new edition of the Greenways and Trails Plan. The Kankakee County Greenways and Trails Plan was last updated in 2009 and first created in 1999.


This is the first survey for the Greenways and Trails Plan update and you can vote for ideas as few or as many times as you like. There is no "end" to the survey, it simply keeps presenting two ideas.

This survey is a little different than traditional surveys.  You will be presented with two ideas and you can vote on which idea you like more.  There is also an option if you can't decide which idea you like more.  There is also an option if you would like to propose a new idea that you think should be considered as part of the list.

Please follow the link below to complete the survey.


The objective of this plan is to guide future decisions regarding the development of trails and open lands in the region.

A full-fledged bicycle network serves to benefit the community in a multitude of ways. An extensive trail system can enhance the community through improved air quality, crime reduction, health promotion, increased property values, economic stimulation, and boost the overall perception of the community.

Thank you for your interest in the Kankakee County Greenways and Trails Plan.


The Kankakee County Greenways and Trail network will promote safe travel for all bicycles and pedestrians and improve the community by encouraging non-motorized trips through connectivity.


  • Provide a non-motorized transportation option for all residents
  • Preserve the natural landscape
  • Guide the development process to encourage greenways and trails
  • Connect the community’s schools, commercial areas, major employers, parks, natural areas, transit centers, and other points of interest
  • Promote bicycling by developing new trails and preserving existing trails
  • Connect the Kankakee community to regions outside the County
  • Designation as a “Bicycle Friendly Community” (BFC) from the League of American Bicyclists

Steering Committee:

KATS will be looking for participation now through December 2021 if you are interested in participating in the planning process of the upcoming Greenways and Trails plan. Public involvement will be integral to the creation of this plan. The development of previous plans benefitted from partnerships with other governmental bodies, citizen groups, and organizations. Any community member interested in improving bicycling in Kankakee County should contact the KATSMPO.

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